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Sparring Headgear

Sparring Headgear

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Step into the ring with peace of mind wearing the sparring headgear. The low profile and lightweight design offer a less constricting fit from traditional headgears without sacrificing any performance or protection. Adjustable hook-and-loop strap system on the rear makes it one of the most adjustable on the market, to zone in on that perfect fit. Integrated ear strap and separate rear padded impact zone provides added protection without impeding on the ability to move or hear. High quality synthetic leather construction provides ideal durability while anti-microbial treated lining helps prevent bacterial growth and order between uses. A necessary piece of equipment at your sparing sessions.

Made of synthetic leather

• Anti-microbial treated lining

• Low profile and lightweight design

• Adjustable hook-and-loop chin and rear straps

• Integrated cross ear strap

• Separate rear padded impact zone

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